There is only one way to do a seat repair PROPERLY - no paint, no filling holes, we remove the seat from the car, the cover from the seat and replace the damaged panel/panels of leather/fabric/vinyl and replace with new. Luckily, there are still many old materials readily available and we have a wide range in stock that matches up perfectly. Then it will be stitched up in the correct style so it looks no different from the original, for a third of the price of most new covers.

Most quotes are done by photographs sent to us via email. When viewing photographs we can see the damage on the seat cover but we are unable to see damage to the foam. If you think the seat may have foam damage you may need to visit our premises for a us take a look and advise you of your options.

Once the cover has been removed, the foam padding could possibly have minor damage. We can do a remedial repair for a little cost. 

Mechanical seat repairs we offer 

Providing parts are available from the main dealers, we can replace/fix/install the following:

Twisted seat frame 

Reclining issues

Cracks/splits that need welding

Reclining handles or other handles  

Supply new heated seat elements

Replace old seat heat elements 

Seat belt sensor pad 

Air bags 


Below you can see the process of a typical seat repair.

Seat Repairs

We only do a seat repair properly - no paint, no filling holes, just remove the panel of leather/fabric/vinyl and replace with new. Stitched up in the correct manner so nobody would ever know. For a third of the price of most new covers.

Classic Cars

We are happy to work with you on your classic car refurbishment. Together we can draw up a schedule of work which could include seats, head lining, carpets, luggage space fittings, bespoke luggage, door panels, steering wheel and gaiters.

Interior Design

We have a wealth of experience working with Interior Designers to create luxury, bespoke leather finishes for prestige offices, waiting rooms and reception areas. We will be happy to help you to transform your ideas into high quality reality.