Welcome to Surrey Trimming.

Surrey Trimming was established in 1999 and is still going strong. The craftsmen at Surrey Trimming are specialists in the renovation, repair or total refurbishment of all car interiors and much more. Whilst our work is primarily focused around cars, we regularly work on boats, private aircrafts and with interior designers to create high quality, bespoke furnishings and features in leather and other materials.

Here at Surrey Trimming, we pride ourselves in working closely with each customer to identify the best and most cost effective solution for their project. In keeping with our business ethos, Surrey Trimming provides the highest standards in both material and workmanship.

We Work to Offer the Best Customer Service

Quick Quotation

For an accurate quotation it is best to talk directly with the hands-on owner of Surrey Trimming - Paul Bird. Going out to look at future projects is something we can do but often there is no need as photographs and a short description on an email is sufficient. He always tries to get back to customers within 1 or 2 working days. However, if it’s urgent Paul is happy to talk with you there and then, that’s not to say he still wouldn’t need photos of what it is that needs doing. 

Everyday Cars

You may see many glamorous cars and photos on our website, but we do also work on a lot of ordinary running-the-mill day-to-day cars. We can help out with seat repairs, droopy head linings, patching carpets or repairing vinyl on door panels. If you want something different, something bespoke - Paul’s more than happy to talk you through your ideas to try and make it a reality.


Getting away from cars - we have a variety of other projects going on, one of the nicest and most enjoyable being film work. We often get called upon when a film requires some fine detail on an interior trim work ie. the camera is shooting inside a car/plane/helicopter etc. You’ll see examples of this on the website, but only after the film has been released as it is vital not to give any secrets away.


Seat Repairs

We only do a seat repair properly - no paint, no filling holes, just remove the panel of leather/fabric/vinyl and replace with new. Stitched up in the correct manner so nobody would ever know. For a third of the price of most new covers.

Classic Cars

We are happy to work with you on your classic car refurbishment. Together we can draw up a schedule of work which could include seats, head lining, carpets, luggage space fittings, bespoke luggage, door panels, steering wheel and gaiters.

Interior Design

We have a wealth of experience working with Interior Designers to create luxury, bespoke leather finishes for prestige offices, waiting rooms and reception areas. We will be happy to help you to transform your ideas into high quality reality.